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Brake Tip

If you or your customer owns a 2008-2010 Dodge Journey or Grand Caravan they need to start using the emergency brakes. Chrysler has gone back to the emergency mechanism inside the rear calipers rather than shoes inside the rear rotor which seems to have taken over as the most widely used system. With the caliper doing the work it requires the piston to thread out when the cable is pulled. If you live in a flat part of the world and don't use the cables regularly, things will get sticky. The first time you park on a hill and pull the cable everything comes out but never goes back in properly. Chrylser recently had 5,000 rear rotors on backorder and we've been ordering from across the country to keep stock on the shelf. My son in law required a complete brake job [pads and rotors, front and rear] on his 2010 Journey at 20,000km. This tip won't help the front but might keep the rears working a bit longer.